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Lawn mowing can quickly eat away at your leisure time. And let’s be honest; the last thing you want to do is spend your whole weekend performing chores! With Windmill Lawn & Garden Care, let us handle the hard stuff. We provide one-time, weekly, and bi-weekly lawn mowing services to Medicine Hat and surrounding communities, allowing you to spend more time with your loved ones or participating in the activities you know and love.

At Windmill Lawn & Garden Care, our goal is to create a crisp and clean cut every time. We alternate lawn stripes and ensure no debris is left behind on any hard surfaces. Our team takes great pride in our work, maintaining sharp blades so that we can perform each service to the best of our abilities.

Make us your go-to for all of your lawn mowing needs in Medicine Hat, AB. Our crews show up to mow your lawn on the same day each week, as long as the weather permits. And if we make any change in the schedule, we let you know!

Take back your time, and kick back on your weekends. Let the Windmill Lawn & Garden Care team take care of the mowing for you. Call us today for your free quote.

Vince & Krista Van Dam

Service Process

For our lawn cutting services in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas, our three-man crew completes a full walk-around of the property before proceeding with any work. This allows us to inspect the lawn, check for any garden or tree issues, and take note of any existing property damage. If any issues are present, we make sure to pass this along to the client. In many ways, we like to be an extra set of eyes on each property we attend to!

Before any service, we ask the homeowner to remove all toys, hoses, and pet waste from the lawn, as well as ensure that any access points and gates are unlocked. The good news is you don’t even need to be home while we mow your lawn!

If any debris or large items are on the lawn, we will move these out of the way as we mow. For each mow, our blades are freshly sharpened, matching the appropriate height for the present season and making sure to never trim the grass too short.

Our teams always wear the proper personal protective equipment, putting safety first — no matter what service we’re performing.

At the end of your mowing service, we blow off all of the hard surfaces, leaving walkways and patios nice and clean. You can expect our team to spend about 30 minutes or less on your property, depending on your property’s size.



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Once you approve the quote, we can start your mowing service within one week.

Lawn Mowing Pricing & Payment Details

Our minimum mowing rate is $40 per visit, depending on the property’s size and the mowing frequency required.

We also offer three different lawn care packages. Once you’ve filled out our form, you’ll receive your quote along with the details of these packages in your inbox.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

For ongoing services, we employ a hassle-free automated payment system, so you can set it and forget it. You’ll get billed at the end of each month and receive a receipt via email.

200% Money-Back Guarantee

We promise 100% satisfaction. The truth is we want you to be so happy with our services that you recommend us to your friends, family, and neighbours. If you aren’t satisfied with your experience or service, we pay you — providing a risk-free 200% money-back guarantee!

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